Club regulations

Sign-up Procedures

Courts may be reserved at 5:00 PM for play on the following day. The order of reservations will be determined by a lottery in which any member who is at least 16 years of age may participate. After the lottery, courts may be reserved on a first-come-first-served basis. All members must abide by these procedures.


Hours of Play

All courts are open for play at 8:00 AM and will close at 7:00 PM. All courts for general play will be scheduled for one and one-half hour intervals every day from 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM for singles or doubles.

Court 7 will be used for the Youth Tennis Instruction Program Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. It is available only on weekends and is generally reserved for players aged fifteen and under. Adults may reserve this court for play on weekends if not already reserved by junior players.

Court 8 is used only for tennis instruction and cannot be reserved for play by members unless released by the instructor. The instructor shall indicate Court 8 availability for the next day in time for the 5:00 PM lottery.

The following priority list for court reservations is established:

  1.  Round Robins: ladies round robins on Tuesdays and men's round robins on Thursdays from 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM up to a limit of six courts. (Guests may play in the round robin only if members do not fill all spaces by 5:00 PM the evening before play.) Kids round robin on Mondays from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM up to a limit of seven courts.
  2. Ladies interclub matches on Mondays or Wednesdays from 9:30 AM to match completion up to a limit of six courts. Matches will be scheduled for one and one-half hour time periods, but play will be continued to completion. Persons booking the next time slot will be required to wait until completion of the ongoing match.
  3. Junior interclub matches on Wednesdays from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM, played on all available courts.
  4. Tournament matches: subject to restrictions noted above, these matches will be posted for the time and court to be specified by the Tournament Director; or if not so specified, by the staff on the day, the staff will select a suitable court for play. Matches will be scheduled for one and one-half hour time periods, but play will be continued to completion. Persons booking the next time slot will be required to wait until completion of the ongoing match.
  5. Casual play.



Each guest is limited to five days per year (exceptions as determined by the Board of Directors). Prior to playing, sponsoring members must register their guest(s) and receive a guest fee receipt from a staff member on duty.

Members in the Maintenance of Membership category may play as their own guest three times per year per membership, not per family member), but may not sponsor guests nor be the guest of another member. All Maintenance of Membership members must register and obtain guest fee receipt (for themselves) from staff member on duty prior to playing on the day of play.

All guests must abide by the rules and regulations of the club. Guests may not sign up for courts or play in tournaments.



Members signing up for tournaments must abide by rules as posted on the bulletin board and be available to play when scheduled. Participants MUST be available to play during the finals weekend.

The club runs the following tournaments twice each summer (July and August, ages 15 and up):

  1. men's and women's singles and doubles
  2. mixed doubles
  3. senior (age 65 and up) doubles
  4. Junior singles and doubles
  5. A special "Davis Cup" team tournament in July and August

There are three levels of junior tournaments: parent/child tourney, 16 and under boys/girls, and 12 and under boys/girls. Additional or alternate tournaments will be determined by the Jr. Tennis Directors.


Tournament Rules

All persons signing up for a tournament must be available to play on the days specified for the duration of the tournament.

Tournament chairperson will specify the playing times for all matches schedules over a three day period or longer. Specific courts may also be specified at the option of the chairperson. For tournaments conducted over the period of one or two weeks, the completion of a round of play will be specified by the tournament chairperson.

Consolation rounds may be organized at the discretion of the tournament chairperson if the tournament entry exceeds eight.

All players are responsible to determine their playing dates/times and are responsible to contact their opponent(s) if they have not been contacted by the earlier.

Persons unable to play as specified will be defaulted unless waived by the tournament chairperson.

The tournament chairperson will reschedule matches due to inclement weather. Each player or team at the start of each match shall provide a new can of balls. Winner takes the unused can and loser takes the used can.


Tennis instruction

Court 8 is reserved every day for lessons given by the ECTC tennis instructor. Payment for lessons should be made directly to the instructor. If you do NOT show up for a lesson you are still responsible for payment. Court 7 will be used for the Youth Tennis Program Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


youth Program

The Youth Program provides a comprehensive approach to teaching children (ages 4-13) about tennis and teamwork through small group instruction, an interclub team, tournaments, round robins, a tennis ladder and rainy day activities. Participants gain enthusiasm for tennis and the club while greatly improving their tennis and teamwork skills.



Loud and/ore abusive play or demeanor in the Clubhouse or on the grounds will not be tolerated.

Young children must be closely supervised by a non-playing adult or qualified sitter.

Members are asked to assist the staff in keeping the grounds and Clubhouse clean and presentable. Empty soft drink containers must be put in the designated recycling containers, and trash is to be placed in waste baskets.

Bicycles are to be placed in the racks provided for them.

No unleashed, unattended, or noisy dogs are allowed on the Cub grounds or in the Clubhouse. Dogs are never allowed on the courts. Dog droppings must be scooped.



White or acceptable colored tennis attire is required.  Shirts must be worn at all times.  No sleeveless shirts for men.  Only soft court regulation tennis shoes (sneakers) are permitted.  No play will be allowed in street shoes, running shoes, "lugged" sneakers, sandals, socks, or bare feet.  If you are unsure whether your shoes meet acceptable criteria, ask the club Manager.  



The Clubhouse will be open during hours of court play and at other times by special permission. Members may rent the Clubhouse during the season for special occasions; contracts may be obtained from the club Manager or President, and must be submitted to the Manager or President.


Bulletin Board

All special notices and current information concerning the the Club will be posted on the bulletin boards at the club.  Junior Program information will be posted on the Junior Program bulletin board.



All buildings and grounds are considered a smoke-free environment.


Alcohol Policy

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the Club premises, except on the occasion of a contracted private function or a Club-sponsored event.


Cell Phone usage

There is to be no cell phone usage on the courts, porch, or the clubhouse.